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Here you will find our best recipes for homemade products for household, laundry, cleaning and personal care.

Soap berries are fantastically versatile and can do much more than just wash clothes clean. Among other things, you can make your own delicious cleaning agents, shampoos and soaps for personal care out of the berry shells.

It is easy and time-saving to make cleaning agents and care products from soap berries yourself. We love that it gives us the opportunity to completely control which chemicals we surround ourselves with in our home, and not least whether the cleaning agents should be scented or completely neutral.

On this page you can find all our favorite recipes – developed and tested in our own homes and of course always using only natural ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow and are perfect DIY projects for the whole family.

Soapberry recipes

Due to their high content of natural soap substances, soap berries are brilliant for all kinds of cleaning and personal care. By boiling soap berries with water, the natural and antibacterial soap substances called saponins melt out of the skins.

The decoction gives you a concentrated liquid soap that can be used for everything from cleaning, washing up, body and hand soap to shampoo, shaving foam and much more. Only the imagination sets the limits when it comes to soapberry recipes.

A bag of soap berries is therefore not only smart to have standing in the laundry room - they can be used throughout your household. This means that you and your family avoid unnecessary chemicals, save money on the purchase of cleaning agents and protect the environment from extra plastic packaging and environmentally harmful substances.


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