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It is super easy to make natural and effective soapberry cleaning products yourself. We personally love that the homemade cleaning products give us the opportunity to decide entirely for ourselves which chemicals we surround ourselves with in our homes, and not least which ingredients we choose to use entirely ourselves.

When you do universal cleaning yourself, you get an effective cleaning agent that is gentle on the skin and the environment at the same time.

The liquid soapberry universal cleaner from this recipe can be used for everything from floor washing to scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom.

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How to make liquid all-purpose cleaner from soapberry

You will need:

Here's how you do it:


Easily make a decoction of soap berries , which turns into liquid soap. You simply take 10 soap berries and boil them in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes and drain it. Find the full recipe for basic liquid soap here.


Mix up the base soap from soap berries with 1 part of our household vinegar (10%) to 10 parts of base soap (1:10). If you have 1 liter of basic soap, you must use 1 dl of household vinegar.


If you want to extend the shelf life, you can add citric acid, as is also described in the recipe for basic liquid soap. The decoction of soap berries is completely natural soap without preservatives, so it goes bad after a few weeks if it is neither refrigerated nor has a preservative added.


Add a few drops of our laundry fragrance if you want a fresh scent for cleaning. We recommend approx. 1 full pipette for 1 litre, but experiment according to how much fragrance you want.


Pour the liquid into a spray bottle or other closed container and you are ready to start natural cleaning!

If you want to use the mixture to wash the floor with, you must mix your universal cleaning agent up 1:10 with water. That is, if you e.g. If you have 5 liters of hot water in your floor bucket, you must mix 5 dl of your homemade cleaning agent in.


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  • @Iris – Ja hvis du bruger den klare lagereddike, ikke den brune :) Og så ville jeg fordoble mængden af eddike, da vores husholdningseddike er 10%. Du kan sagtens fryse ned eller f.eks. konservere med citronsyre, som du ofte finder i bageafdelingen i supermarkederne.

    VH Rikke / Care by Nature

    Care by Nature on
  • Tak for opskriften, som jeg glæder mig til at afprøve. Kan man bruge lagereddike, som er 5%? I så fald i hvilket forhold?

    Et andet spørgsmål: kan man godt fryse blandingen ned og tage op og bruge senere for at forlænge holdbarheden?

    Iris on

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