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We created Care by Nature for all of us who can't get enough of it naturally

When we washed clothes with traditional detergent and powder, we found that our skin itched and became red and splotchy where the clothes sat. Even though we only used detergent that was marked as gentle, perfume-free and hypoallergenic, we still got allergic reactions on the skin. It was really frustrating that nothing was gentle enough.

When we heard about soapberry for the first time, we could hardly believe our ears. Could a berry really wash clothes clean? It sounded absolutely crazy! But in desperation to find the product that was gentle enough, soapberry was tested (with a bit of healthy North Jutland skepticism).

And the result spoke for itself. The clothes were clean. And not enough of that. Then we have not experienced skin irritation from our clothes since, and completely bypass the plastic packaging, which otherwise piled up before. We dream of passing on that gift to you.

That is why we have created Care by Nature. Because we couldn't find the products ourselves that were natural enough for our needs. It started with soapberry. But since then, more products have crept in, all of which can be used in combination with each other. And the vision behind each product remains the same — to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

- Warm regards, Camilla & Tine


Our natural and effective washing range replaces synthetic detergents, fabric softeners and stain removers.

With an average price of DKK 0.72 per wash, our soapberry is one of the cheapest detergents on the market. Here we have found the solution to washing clothes in a way that is both gentle, budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

We call it laundry with a clear conscience.

Come with the suitcase to magical Nepal

We have deliberately chosen to trade only with soapberries from Nepal, which is one of the world's poorest countries. It is not an easy matter to get processes running in a developing country, but it is a decision we are proud to have made. Large parts of the population in Nepal live exclusively from what they grow themselves, and the country's economy depends on rich nations such as Denmark choosing to trade with them rather than China and India.

Read about our work in Nepal here


Our values

We believe that if we want to see a change in the way we consume, it must be easy for everyone to make the everyday choices that have a positive effect on our planet and on our fellow human beings.

Therefore, we will be available where the everyday choices are made - in supermarkets and specialty stores. First in Denmark and then in the rest of Europe. Because readily available choices are easier to make.

Care by Nature was founded by Camilla, who as a mother of two sons understands the value of taking responsibility and showing our children that greener everyday choices make a difference. Many small streams become a lot. And that creates the chain of change we want to see in the world.

We want to see a goodbye to use-and-throw-away culture and a welcome to circular economy. We are at the forefront of more responsibility - both in relation to the climate, the environment and people, and we believe that the simple solutions to a problem are often the best. And these are the visions we always take with us when we develop products.

We want to be the first choice when it comes to natural washing. And we become that by never compromising on the quality of our products and the standards under which they are produced.

Responsibility - both in relation to climate, environment and people - is a fundamental value in our company. Care by Nature is the realization of our dream of creating green growth by both investing in small Danish entrepreneurs and by creating income and jobs in one of the world's poorest regions.

Every single day is a journey towards optimizing our products, our supply chain and our footprint on the planet. We will wash green, but never green-wash. Therefore, we will at all times be honest and transparent about the challenges and the learning we will encounter on our way.

"We ourselves must create the future we want to see"

Is a phrase we stand by when we run our business. It has often been tough and frustrating to stand as a female entrepreneur with a sustainable business profile and have a vision for a better world, when at the same time it feels like the whole world is fighting against your mission.

But we have stubbornly stuck to our values, even if we have sometimes wanted to throw in the towel. Because we just won't compromise on the foundations that drive us.

Instead, we work even harder to find smart green solutions. And by showing that it is possible to run a company that is both financially sustainable and at the same time doing something good for the planet and its people, we will challenge other companies to do the same.

To this day, you will find us on the shelves of almost all of the country's supermarket chains and in a large number of specialist shops. And that is only the beginning of the result of our desire to ourselves create the change we want to see in the world.

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