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Dearest you

Before we switched from traditional detergent to soap berries, we experienced skin irritation from our clothes. Even though detergent was actually hypoallergenic and free from perfume. It was so frustrating that nothing was gentle enough!

When we discovered soap berries, we could hardly believe that a berry could wash our clothes clean and that we could avoid all plastic packaging at the same time. But when we tried it out, we were speechless with the result.

It was easy to use. The clothes were clean. And even better. The allergy disappeared. We want to pass that gift on to you.

- Warm regards, Camilla & Tine



Soapberries are called nature's own detergent. And for good reason. The dried berries are bursting with natural soap called saponins, which foams up in contact with water and wash your clothes clean.

And can you believe that we can wash our clothes with berries... Pure berries and nothing else. No words and numbers we can't pronounce. No additives. No environmentally harmful and allergenic substances and packaging. Just dried berries. That's it!

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Completely natural soap with no added chemicals

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Care by Nature
Care by Nature
Care by Nature
Care by Nature
Care by Nature

Find Care by Nature in all the Danish Irma, Rema 1000 and Bilka stores. In addition, the products can be found in selected SuperBrugsen, Kvickly and Føtex, as well as local specialty stores and webshops.

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Keep it simple is our motto. Our products take you, your wardrobe and the environment into account by having an ingredient list free of gibberish and harmful chemicals.

Produced with care

Our dream is to support a greener world by both investing in small Danish entrepreneurs and by creating jobs in one of the world's poorest regions.


Our products and their packaging are always plastic-free where possible, and are designed to be compostable or recycled after use.

No unnecessary plastic

In a household with two adults and two children, an average of seven loads of laundry are washed per week. This corresponds to 25 plastic cans of liquid detergent per year. It fits very well with the amount of packaging we used before we switched to washing clothes with soapberries (and thet's not counting stain removers and fabric softeners!).

It has now been replaced by 1-2 bags of soapberries per year. It's about cutting down on plastic where you can. While no one is perfect (and neither are we!), all the little things add up to a big difference too.