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From plastic-free webshop to laundry with a purpose

The whale that kickstarted one

Entrepreneur's dream

“After seeing what I call the 'messenger from the sea' - a stranded whale filled with plastic throughout its stomach - I started in 2015 to investigate what is happening out in the oceans.

The discoveries I made were so drastic that I completely changed the course of my life.

In my horror, I said to my 16-year-old son: "I hope you and your generation will do better than us".

But at that moment it dawned on me that I am the one responsible. I am the adult. It is my responsibility to show my children how adults solve problems.

So I took the responsibility upon myself and quite passionately set about creating a platform that not only drew attention to the problems, but also offered the solutions.

It dawned on me how much of a difference we as consumers can make to plastic pollution, harmful chemistry in everyday life and the balance in the world through our small purchases for the household."

"This led to the webshop bleschu.dk in 2016, which became the first webshop in Europe with completely plastic-free products for everyday use.

And it quickly went from a parallel hobby project to an overriding mission to spread knowledge about the plastic problem and how we choose to create a more balanced world through our consumption.

I think we are in a completely different place today. The plastic problems are now in the open and more and more are following suit with the plastic-free solutions. It's liberating to see.

And I couldn't be more proud to have contributed to that development."

- Camilla, CEO & founder

"Here are small glimpses of the early days of Bleschu's start-up. From my home office in the garden to the first products and orders for the webshop and my favorite green plant in the living room, which became the color palette of Bleschu's universe."

- Camilla

From Bleschu to

Care by Nature

Since Bleschu's start-up, a lot has happened with the company. And when Camilla started bleschu.dk, she hardly expected that a single product in the range of the small webshop - namely soap berries - would become the core of a completely new business.

When we encountered soapberry for the first time, one question pressed forward; If they're so brilliant, why aren't they everywhere? We therefore decided to develop our own products according to uncompromising standards.

Care by Nature was born in 2019 . First we launched soap berries, then laundry fragrances and dryer balls. Since then, only more products have been added to the family.

With the right sidekicks, we have gone from being the first webshop in Europe with a completely plastic-free concept to being the largest and first Scandinavian brand that produces soap berries from its own supply chain in Nepal. And we love being on this journey together with the beautiful people who are passionate about the same vision as us.


D. 29 Sep In 2016, Camilla took this picture of the shelf with detergent in a Danish supermarket. She missed a more natural and gentle choice on the shelf and knew that if the Danes were to have a chance to change their washing habits, the soap berries should be here.

So that was the goal from the start. And to this day, we are so proud to be able to say that we can be found on the shelves in all the country's Irma, Rema 1000 and Bilka, in selected SuperBrugsen, Kvickly and Føtex, as well as in local specialty stores and webshops.

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This is what even the same shelf looks like today in the same store as in 2016. And we are so happy to stand here and contribute to the development we want to see, where it really matters.

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