Homemade liquid hand soap / shower gel from soapberry

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This homemade soapberry liquid soap can be used both as hand soap and shower gel. It is perfect for those with sensitive and dry skin, and you decide for yourself whether it should be scented or unscented. 

You will need: 

  • Decoction of soapberry (Obs. WITHOUT citric acid) 
  • Starch agent – ​​e.g. guar gum or xanthan gum 
  • Bowl and stick blender/electric whisk 
  • Container 

How to make homemade liquid hand soap or shower gel from soap berries 

1. Follow our simple recipe for a concentrated decoction of soap berries in water ( basic soap ). It's super easy and only requires you to simmer soapberries in a pot of water.

homemade soap from soap berries boiling in a pot to make liquid soap from soap berries

2. After you have drained and cooled the base soap, a natural starch must be added to give the soap the right consistency. We recommend guar gum or xanthan gum, but you can also use cornmeal or agar agar. All these ingredients are natural and can be found in your local health store or, for example, Matas.

Add a maximum of 1 teaspoon of starch per Half a liter of basic soap. The amount of powder and thus the consistency of the liquid soap depends on what you like best. Experiment to find what works best for you. 

3. Blend or whisk the liquid to avoid lumps. Beat with a hand mixer or stick blender until a fine and soft foam forms.

4. Put your bowl of foam in the fridge for a few hours (or overnight) until it collapses into a jelly.

5. Pour the jelly through a funnel into a container - e.g. with pump. Afterwards, it can be used as normal hand soap or shower gel.

soap berry recipe homemade body soap homemade shower gel hand soap made from soap berry that is pressed out of a soap dispenser and pump

6. Tip! Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you want a scent. We think our laundry scent Summer Garden with citrus and lavender is perfect for hand soap.


Make an amount of homemade liquid hand soap suitable for the size of your household - it should preferably be used within 7-10 days, as it is an all-natural product without preservatives and therefore can spoil. 

If you are going to use the homemade soap from soap berries for shower gel, you can advantageously refrigerate it between uses. It extends the shelf life. 

Have fun with your homemade soap!

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