That's why we never use synthetic fabric softener!

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Fabric softener is a product that is often used in the laundry to give the clothes a fresh scent and to make the clothes softer. However, there are a number of good reasons why you should completely avoid using fabric softener when washing clothes.
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We could never think of using fabric softener in our laundry - and here's why:

  1. It is unnecessary and expensive: there is no need to use fabric softener when washing clothes. Fabric softener does not make the clothes cleaner and it creates a film on the clothes that actually makes it smell more over time as it attracts bacteria. Furthermore, fabric softener is expensive considering that it is really completely unnecessary. So you can save money by completely avoiding using it.
  2. It makes the clothes greasy: Fabric softener often contains silicones and other substances that can make the clothes greasy. It can probably make the clothes soft, but it can also make the clothes less breathable, as well as cause bacteria and dirt to stick to the clothes to a greater extent.
  3. It makes clothes smell sour over time: Fabric softener can cause a sour smell in clothes because it is not completely washed away in the rinsing process. The sour smell is due to fabric softener containing pH-sensitive substances that can react with the oxygen in the air and form acidic compounds. So a few days after washing, when the perfume smell has subsided, the clothes can have a very unpleasant smell of acidity.

  4. It removes the absorbency of towels etc.: Towels, tea towels and cloths are designed to absorb water, but fabric softener can interfere with that ability. Fabric softener can clog the pores in the fabric of the towel, making it both less breathable and less able to absorb water .

  5. It is allergenic: fabric softener can contain a number of allergenic substances, including perfumes, dyes and preservatives. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of those substances, the use of fabric softener can lead to skin irritations and other allergy symptoms, because fabric softener remains in the clothes after washing.

  6. It pollutes the aquatic environment: When fabric softener is discharged into the aquatic environment, it can pollute the water and negatively affect plants and animals. Fabric softener often contains substances that are harmful to the aquatic environment, such as silicones, dyes and preservatives.

  7. It accumulates in the washing machine and can clog it: Fabric softener accumulates in the washing machine over time, which can lead to it stopping in pipes etc. This is because fabric softener is a sticky liquid that, among other things, contains silicone and other substances that can cause clogging and deposits in the washing machine.

  8. It can make the washing machine smell: Using fabric softener can lead to a sour smell in the washing machine. This is because fabric softener sticks to the washing machine over time and becomes a magnet for bacteria, dust, skin cells and other dirt from the laundry.

  9. It contains a lot of perfume: Fabric softeners contain large amounts of perfume to give clothes a "fresh scent". But perfume is unfortunately very allergenic for some people and can cause skin irritations and other allergy symptoms.

  10. It wears out the clothes: Using fabric softener can lead to clothes wearing out faster. This is because fabric softener contains solvents and other substances that can cause clothes to wear out faster and lose their shape.

So what do we use instead of fabric softener to get soft and fresh clothes?

    1. It is super easy to make homemade fabric softener without harmful chemicals: We use household vinegar (10%) diluted with water and possibly a little essential oil to make our clothes soft and lime-free. Find our super easy recipe for homemade fabric softener that gives the softest clothes here.

    2. We always use wool dryer balls if we use a tumble dryer: While the dryer is running, the wool dryer balls will knock around inside the machine and help to massage and lift the clothes. The balls gently beat the clothes without using fabric softener. Read all about how dryer balls work here.
    3. We wash clothes with soapberry, which does not make the clothes stiff: Soapberry is a completely natural detergent that does not contain synthetic substances that can make the clothes stiffer.

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