Meet Lemon Breeze! Our brand new laundry fragrance

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We have been waiting a long time to be able to share our newest laundry fragrance with you and have been so excited. 

We love to have you in the process when we create new things. That is why we are so happy to have actually made Lemon Breeze in collaboration with you. 

When we've asked you on social media which products you miss, you always say a new fresh laundry scent with citrus, citrus and more citrus. So of course we have created that scent for you. And you decide the name by voting on your favourites. The name Lemon Breeze was a clear winner. 

So give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the family, Lemon Breeze. A fresh and aromatic citrus dream that is perfect for laundry and cleaning. 

Rejoice, because it smells absolutely enchanting. 

The laundry scent lemon breeze in a basket of lemons

The scent of a lemon grove in Tuscany in your laundry 

Our founder Camilla has carefully designed and mixed all our laundry fragrances and tested them thoroughly. And Lemon Breeze is no exception. 

Camilla has spent a long time sniffing and sniffing different essential oils, combinations and mixing ratios before she landed on the precise vision of lemon scent she dreamed of in the laundry. 

The inspiration was a gentle and warm breeze through an aromatic and sunny lemon grove in Tuscany. Camilla dreamed of mixing a citrus scent that was more warm, gentle and aromatic than a very sharp pure lemon can be. Therefore, she has used the aromatic herb lemon verbena, which has a lovely lemony and herbal aroma which is really pleasant and uplifting. 

This gives Lemon Breeze a completely unique scent that stands out from other lemon scents. 

Together with the lemon verbena, you will find a touch of grounding and fresh rosemary, which contributes to the feeling of Italian summer in your laundry. 


Uplifting scent of lemon verbena and rosemary 

Like our other laundry scents Summer Garden and Forest Fresh, the blend of Lemon Breeze consists of 100% pure organic essential oils – here from lemon verbena and rosemary. 

Although lemon verbena is a fresh lemony, uplifting oil, its aromatherapeutic qualities are actually just as much to help relieve anxiety and ease feelings of stress. The oil has a calming, yet uplifting effect when you smell it.

Lemon verbena essential oil smells amazing with many other essential oils, and especially with oils that have aromatic classifications such as citrus, coniferous, minty, fruity or woody. Therefore, Camilla has mixed the lemon verbena with her absolute favorite essential oil – namely rosemary, which is precisely woody and has notes of conifers. 

Rosemary essential oil is actually an ingredient in all of our laundry fragrances because we love it so much. It has a fantastic ability to create a ground and fresh depth together with other scents, and rosemary essential oil is known for itsaromatherapeutic properties .


Care by nature laundry fragrance in the scent LEmon Breeze, which lies on top of a base of cut lemon slices

The first laundry fragrance with a completely new design 

Lemon Breeze is the first laundry fragrance in our range with a completely new design. A design that the other fragrances will also eventually get. But why change something that works and we think is so nice to look at? Because we want to get better every day, and the environmentally friendly aspect is more important to us than the cosmetic aspect. 

The new design was created with a focus on cutting down the washing scents more to the bone and making the product more minimalistic and also less harmful to the environment, as we have cut away several elements that really had no other function than to look good. 

The glass bottle used to be matte white, but now you get to experience our well-known fragrances in clear glass bottles. When the glass is made white, it is exposed to an environmentally harmful chemical process, which we have now and in the future chosen to eliminate in our productions. It also makes it easier for you at home to see how much fragrance you have left in the bottle. 

Just as we have cut away the white colour, we have also removed the bamboo piece on the screw cap, as it similarly has no function other than providing a cosmetic appearance that is not really necessary. Now you can just see the white plastic screw cap that was inside. 

If you know our brand, you will probably know that we are not much for the unnecessary use of plastic, but unfortunately we cannot avoid it in the closing mechanism, as according to the chemical legislation a seal is necessary because essential oils are concentrates. And we are working hard to have the seal manufactured in plant plastic, but we have to draw new methods into some old industries and that process takes time. 

When we create products, our philosophy is less is more. Therefore, it makes sense for us to cut away everything unnecessary and make the product more transparent. 

We hope you will welcome the new design. 



Cardboard tubes can be supplied in CARDBOARD/PAPER 

The pipette can be disassembled by pulling the parts apart.

The glass bottle and the glass part of the pipette can go in the GLASS CONTAINER 

The plastic lid with the sealing mechanism in PLASTIC 

The rubber pump must be disposed of 

Alternatively, you can advantageously clean them thoroughly, store them and use them for your little homemade treats or care products. 

The cardboard tubes are suitable for screws, gizmos and nuts/snacks in the lunch box. 

Find the waste sorting guide here .

This is how we use the scent at home 

Lemon Breeze is the freshest of our fragrances so far, as it does not contain notes of flowers, as both Summer Garden and Forest Fresh do. Therefore, a Lemon Breeze perfect for you if you love a fresh and aromatic scent that is also more unisex than the other two, which can seem more feminine. 

We have fallen head over heels for the fresh scent of our laundry, so we use Lemon Breeze in style at home as fabric softener along with a little vinegar. Both ordinary clothes, bed linen and towels are allowed to have a go with Lemon Breeze. But we especially love the scent of the towels in the bathroom, which must smell delicious and fresh. 

We also use a few drops of Lemon Breeze on the vacuum cleaner bag before we vacuum, as it causes the enchanting scent to spread throughout the home. A brilliant life hack if you have guests over. 

You can also use the scent as an air freshener in the home by dripping a little on dried flowers, in potted plants, in the waste bin in the bathroom, in the wardrobe or of course also in a diffuser for essential oils. The possibilities are many. 

Because Lemon Breeze is so fresh and uplifting, it's also a huge hit in our homemade cleaners, which you can find on our recipe page. 


We look forward to you smelling Lemon Breeze 

Thanks again for your help designing Lemon Breeze. 

Thank you for your commitment and creativity, which has made the fragrance something very special for us. 

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