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Responsible production

Of wool dryer balls

Mulesing free and Fair Trade wool

The wool in our drying balls is 100% mulesing free.

Mulesing is a violent and painful method used by breeders to prevent blowflies from laying eggs around the rear of the sheep. Large pieces of skin from the sheep's hindquarters are removed with scissors and the procedure is performed without anesthesia.

We are in no way in favor of that kind of animal cruelty, so we only use mulesing-free and Fair Trade wool in our wool products.

More local wool

Our wool dryer balls are felted in collaboration with a local partner who makes wool products from pure wool in Nepal. The suppliers our wool partner has previously bought out like to use wool from sheep in New Zealand, which was then transported all the way to production in Nepal.

however, through our business partner, we found out that in the region where our soapberry grows, there are already sheep. Why not kill two birds with one stone and replace some of the New Zealand wool with the local wool?

When our partner had to start production with local wool, it turned out that the Nepalese only kept sheep as cattle for slaughter and did not use the wool as a resource. Educating the sheep farmers about the wasted potential, they collectively decided to learn how to shear sheep so they could turn it into a side business. At the same time, it saved our partner - and now also us - a lot of extra work and transport.

You will find the wool from this good initiative in our dryer balls. Our ambition is to increase the amount of local wool year by year. We have managed to guarantee that the dryer balls consist of a minimum of 20% local Nepalese wool. But we dream and work to reach 100%!

Our work with

Women in Nepal

The wool is felted into our fine drying balls by beautiful Nepalese women who work under decent conditions. In our production in Nepal, our focus is on lifting up our fellow sisters, so that it becomes a little more fun to be a woman in a poor developing country, where women generally have it so much more difficult.

In Nepal, the women go to school for a shorter time (if they go to school at all), are often married off before the age of 18 or have to take care of the family.

It is a huge waste of resources.

Because numerous studies have shown that the key to growth and development in poor countries lies in investing in women and girls. Statistically speaking, women in developing countries invest up to 90% of their income for their family, their children, their health and education - where men only invest 30-40% in comparison.

So it actually doesn't really matter whether you hire women or men in a developing country, if it really makes a difference.

We therefore very specifically ask our Nepalese partners to employ women in production, so that we can lend a helping hand to the wonderful power women in Nepal. And it's not because we don't like men (because we CAN!!). But rather because it simply makes a huge difference to constructive development.

And we are extremely proud to have found some fantastic partners who share our vision of more empowerment for Nepalese women and who dare to be at the forefront of equality and show the way.

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